We are a selected partner to distribute the Favuseal fire barrier system (FFBS) for protecting steel piping commercially known as Favuseal Wrap-On: Pipe


Favuseal, the ultimate fire protection!

Favuseal is a unique fire protection materials, probably the thinnest fire protection materials available today. FFBS was introduced back in the late 80s. Today, a variety of oil installations around the world are protected by FFBS.

Some of the benefits of Favuseal fire barrier system:

Contains no halogens or fibers. Emits no toxic or corrosive fumes under fire. HC-fire and jet fire fire up to 1500° C.

How can you use Favuseal? Your imagination sets the limit!

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New Products

ECO Cleaner and ECO Cleaner Gel

Liquid and gel detergent, effective for the removal of: calcium, magnetite, oxidization(rust), humus, salt and other deposits.

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Corrosion Control Gel (CCG)


CCG prevents corrosion under insulation (CUI) and have shown remarkable test results.

Before test          After test

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