Established in 2007 with focus on the high-end market, our company has become a key player in insulation products, PFP, thermal expansion, compensators, and acoustic solutions. Creating solutions, products, and bespoke “turnkey” delivery has been at the core of our strategy.

In order to take new steps forward towards the development of better products and solutions, the company invests significant resources into research and development. Our goal is to provide products that contribute to improvement and progress for our customers

The name IFA Tech AS describes our product range: Insulation – Fire – Acoustic Technology.


IFA Tech has a vision to be a PROUD supplier of insulation, fire protection and acoustic products.

These are the values of PROUD:

IFA Tech products should have the best properties and be designed with longevity in mind.

IFA Tech listens to the customer and is solution oriented, providing the right products within the right system.

On time
IFA Tech will deliver on time.

IFA Tech customers are unique and will be dealt with in a confidential and respectful manner.

IFA Tech will be innovative and develop new products, as well as continue to develop its existing products.