IFA Tech offer a range of acoustic louvres which ensure significant attenuation and airflow while at the same time remaining compact, aesthetically pleasing and offering all round weather protection. We have standard designs and construction methods but, in addition we offer designs to facilitate our clients varied needs. Our acoustic louvres are used in a diverse array of industries including HVAC, water & waste treatment, chemical industries, process engineering, off-shore, commercial and general manufacture.

Acoustic Performance/selection

All our acoustic louvres are selected using computer software by trained acoustic engineers, which calculates the attenuation required from the contributing factors such as noise source, distance to listener, reverberation, etc.

When the attenuation is known the Acoustic engineer will calculate the best depth and louvre cross section size to achieve the require attenuation, whilst taking into consideration pressure drop restrictions and cost implications.


There are a variety of options available the most common ones are listed below.

Standard Depths – 150mm, 300mm & 600mm

Non Standard depths – can also be accommodated

Flanges– RSA, folded, etc

Finish – self, powder coated or wet sprayed to standard RAL/BS no.

Mesh: Bird mesh or Insect mesh

Modular – For large sizes acoustic louvres are supplied in suitably sized modules for bolting together on site

Standard Acoustic Louvres

We can offer a range of acoustic louvres, which are more for the HVAC/Ductwork industry.

Industrial / Offshore Acoustic Louvres

We can offer a number of industrial acoustic louvres that are suitable for all kinds of applications including offshore.