Spring Hangers “RS-CH/1B” Type

Designed to provide low frequency, (2.4 Hz), isolation from vibration and shock.

Neoprene Gasket seated, helical Spring Coils, to provide further high frequency isolation.

3Available in several colour coded load ranges featuring 25mm standard deflection. (38mm High Deflection variant available – refer to Model RS-CH/1B-HD)

Features a Neoprene Rubber Turret Mount in series with the Spring, offering increased high frequency performance.

Springs designed to work at low stress giving long working life.

Can be fitted in drop rod run or direct to the supporting structure.

Powder coated steel frame and BZP fixings.

Capable of up to 7 Degrees angular misalignment

Typical Applications:



Axial Fans

Heat Pumps

Suspended Ceilings

Air Conditioners

No. of Springs Load: 1

Range* (Min to Max): 25,5Kg to 331Kg          

Optimum Deflection: 25mm