Spreader Plates:

An alternative solution for isolating fluid Pumps, but can also be used with machines which produce high levels of vibration or those which are subjected to external forces or are simply unstable when mounted directly on Anti-Vibration Mountings.

Spreader Plates are typically 12mm thick to prevent any flexing under equipment load. (Vital if resonance is to be avoided).

Spreader Plates are finished in Red Primer and Black Gloss top coat paint.

Whilst Spreader Plates do not offer the same high levels of vibration isolation associated with Inertia Bases, they offer a solution where space restrictions and / or load limitations of the supporting structure prevent the use of Inertia Bases.

Spreader Plates are pre-drilled to accept the associated Anti-Vibration Mounts and Pump fixing centres.

No maintenance required.

All Spreader Plates are supplied with Open Spring type Anti-Vibration Mounts designed to support the combined load of Plate and Pump, and retain a 50% overcapacity.

Typical Applications:

Pumps (Inline, End Suction, Extended Shaft etc.)

Water Chillers

Air Handling Units