Very High Deflection Open Spring Mount


Small Enclosed Spring Type “LSM” Type:

Very high deflection Springs, (50mm), offering unrivalled isolation performance especially with low rpm installations
Designed to provide low frequency, (2.4 Hz), isolation from vibration and shock.
Neoprene Gasket seated, helical Spring Coils, to provide further high frequency isolation.
“Open Spring” construction restrained within galvanised steel Top and Bottom fabrications.
Four vertical restraints maintain constant working height during “drain down” operations.
Springs designed to work at low stress giving long working life.
Available in Four colour coded load ranges with Four or Six Spring Versions.
Manual levelling facility.
No maintenance required.
May be used free-standing or bolted down

Typical Applications:

Water Chillers

Air Handling Units



Cooling Towers



Refrigeration Units

No. of Springs Load: 4

Range* (Min to Max): 182Kg to 728Kg          

Optimum Deflection: 50mm