Bespoke Flexible Connectors


4Whilst this website details a large range of “standard” flexible material options and a wide range of application based selections, we are not limited to what is available “from the catalogue”. Produce materials in-house allows us to develop and manipulate materials for unusual and bespoke applications.

During this development process, we would ensure any material offered is suitable for the process operating temperatures and pressures along with the ability to withstand any corrosive, abrasive, high velocity or buffeting characteristics associated with the application.

Food Grade Applications:

A recent addition to our Flexible Connection range, (Part Number: 1000/SE), was developed for use in processes requiring food grade rated materials.

1000/SE is a glass fabric based material having a white Silicone coating which is FDA approved having been recently successfully employed in a sausage skin drying application.

1000/SEs has undergone a post cure heat treatment to ensure the removal of volatile chemicals that could cause contamination issues in food stuffs. The manufactured materials have been tested to, and comply with the extraction/migration tests listed in 21 CFR 177.2600 (d) to (h). This makes them suitable for contact with dry, aqueous and fatty foods as defined by the FDA. (As stated in 21 CFR 177.2600 it is recommended that the manufactured article is thoroughly cleansed prior to first use in contact with food).

1000/SE is suitable for service in a temperature range of –60°C to +230°C.