Corrosion Control Gel was developed to solve the problem of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and is a solution for many hidden corrosion problems.

Corrosion Control Gel is applied as a gel – and instead of curing or hardening, it remains in gel form. Within a short time, chemical elements in the gel react with elements in the steel surface. This reaction forms an ultra-thin glasslike mineral surface. This surface, along with pH adjusting chemistry in the gel, is what protects the steel underneath from corrosion

Corrosion Control Gel

– Prevents corrosion on new metal

– Stops existing corrosion on existing metal

– It is not a coating, paint, or primer

– It is not a moisture barrier (i.e. grease or wax); it is a metal modifier

– Manufactures polymerized di-silicate lattice with existing metal oxides

– Creates a mineral lattice 50-200 angstroms thick into metal surface

– Electrolyte cannot penetrate mineralized layer

– Buffers any moisture present to 10.4 pH

– Easy clean up

– Non-Toxic and environmentally friendly

– Tested for 5 years and 15 years.