Product description

ECO Cleaner offering environmental friendly &  effective products for cleaning and removal of corrosion.Our products are produced in a top quality factories in Singapore  and Norway where all aspects of the productionis monitored and  traceable.

In addition to our highly environmental focus, we are  focusing on quality, traceability and efficiency as keywords for  our production.

Liquid and gel detergent, effective for the removal of: calcium, magnetite, oxidization(rust), humus, salt and other deposits.

Our product range consists of 2 products, one as liquid versions and one as gelled version.

100% biodegradable and free for toxins.
The  products has a pH of 2.0.


  • Can be used in dip trays in various sizes to clean equipment and remove corrosion from items
  • Works very well when flushing equipment, pipes and closed systems.
  • Well suited for use in drinking water systems
  • A 100% biological degradable product with no toxins
  • Saves man-hours
  • Saves money
  • Saves time
  • Both environmentally friendly and highly effective


Any surface / pipework attacked by rust, algae, moss, magnetite,  humus, calcium, yard dirt and other  deposits(not galvanized surface).


Heating batteries

Central heating plant

Under floor heating equipment(allows up to 50% heating cost saving per night)

Batteries/cooling equipment

District heating plants


Processing machinery

Capacitors / cooling towers




Cooling equipment

Washing for most facades

All types of vacuum installations

Ventilation batteries

Heat exchangers