Wrap-on Cables

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Fire barrier system for protecting a single cable, or a bundle of cables, commercially known as Favuseal Wrap-On:Cable

Product description

Favuseal Wrap-On:Cable contains Favuseal NKX- 6174, which is a thermoplastic compound containing inorganic fillers in a binder composed of an ethylene copolymer. Supplied in a pellet form, the compounds may be processed by extrusion, compression molding or injection molding. It can be used as a wrap-on tape or, when supplied in sheets, as a protectional cover.

Probably the thinnest and best product on the market

During exposure to flame or heat, NKX-6174 goes through the following stages of transformation:

  • 90° C Softening
  • 200° C Evolution of water, swelling
  • 300° C Pyrolysis of the polymeric binders
  • 800° C Formation of rigid cellular ceramics stable up to and including 1,500 C°


  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Good thermal insulation above 200°C
  • In accordance with NEK TS 606:2016
  • Acts as a flame barrier
  • Halogen free, no isocyanates, no boric acid, no dangerous fibers.
  • No corrosive gases produced when reacting
  • Very low smoke emission
  • Non-toxic
  • Good mechanical stability


Fire barrier for protecting objects such as piping (steel/GRE), structures and walls, cables, cable trays and accessories.