Silicone Foam Insulation

Fibreless Thermal Insulation

Specialised Thermal Insulation having a non-fibrous construction being manufactured from closed cell silicone foam.

Silicone foam is stable, non reactive and resistant to extreme environments with excellent resistance to ozone, oxidation, ultraviolate light, corona discharge, cosmic radiation, ionising radiation, the closed cell structure ensures minimum water absorption.

Very low levels of toxic fumes when burnt.

To suit a temperature range of -60°C to +230°C.

Available in standard sheet or extruded tube which can be easily manipulated to most shapes including intricate geometries.

Closure of intricate jacket designs achieved using either high density Plastic Velcro or stainless steel Poppers ensuring a “snug” fit promoting maximum heat retention.

Trace heating can be accommodated under the insulation with no degrading of the foam structure.

Pigment can be added to the foam during production / curing process to accommodate client colour specifications.

Flame retardant versions available for sensitive applications.