Maxi Flexible Connectors


Type C: Specialist materials – Acoustic Range #2 performance summary:

Type: ASBM-8 – Acoustic Barrier Material #2.

Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +85°C.

Operating Pressure Range: 254mm WG (10” WG) (Max).

Typical Applications: Heating & Ventilation in noise sensitive areas.

Single Layer Flexible Connections – All Types:

Single Layer, or “ply” Flexible connections are designed to provide: Vibration isolation, absorb expansion, compensate for misalignment in ductwork and reduce noise breakout when using flexible materials having dedicated noise attenuation properties.

Available in the following standard geometries:

-“Circular Flat Flanged” (C.F.F.) – Circular with “plain ends” suitable for “Jubilee Clip” type installation.

-“Rectangular Flat Flanged” (R.F.F.) – Square / rectangular with “plain ends” suitable for backing flat installation.

-“Circular Angle Flanged” (C.A.F.) – Circular with flanged ends at 90 degrees to the body suitable for steel backing flanges.

-“Rectangular Angle Flanged” (R.A.F.) – Square or rectangular with flanged ends at 90 degrees to the body suitable for steel backing flanges.

-Can also be manufactured as tapering and / or transitioning from circular to rectangular geometries.

-Can be supplied pre-punched to match clients existing ductwork flanges or “plain flanges” for drilling during installation, where specific hole centers are unknown.

-Fire rated materials available for specific applications.

-All related steelwork can be specified, designed and manufactured in-house, including:

-Steel Backing Flats / Flanges, Steel Inner sleeves to protect the Flexible Connection from abrasive particles or high velocity gasses / buffeting.


Type: ASBM-8

Description:   Acoustic Barrier Material #2

Temperature: -20°C to +85°C

Pressure(Max): 254mm WG