Rubberised Expansion Compensators

Rubberised Expansion Compensators:

Designed for use with aggressive media and especially being suited to wet chemical service and Flue Gas Desulphurisation plants, (F.G.D.), where condensation of the gas media creates a highly acidic liquor which is not compatible with our Fabric range of Expansion Compensators.
PTFE Drains can be easily incorporated into the design to allow unwanted condensate to be removed.
Insensitive to many corrosive fluids.
Facilitates large movements in multi-directions, isolates vibration and compensates for misalignment whilst remaining suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures and extreme pressures.
Suitable for continuous temperatures up to 200°C (depending on the rubber type) and pressures up to 5100mm WG (50 kPa).
Joints are manufactured from a single elastomeric layer of material, being laminated with one or more reinforcement layers.
Joints are vulcanised to form a solid, integral component – this joining process can be carried out within factory conditions or site joining.
Unlike metallic joints, elastomeric joints can easily absorb multidirectional expansion movements and vibrations and compensate for resulting misalignments.
Available in a wide range of sizes and geometries.

Typical applications:

Chemical industry

Cement industry

Blowers and fans

Glass industy


Metal finishing

Offshore industry

Paint-spray lines

Plant engineering

Pulp and paper industry

Power stations

Railed vehicles



Steel mills

Sugar industry


Wood-processing industry